Sandbox Innovation Process

Project: Transfer (R&D project)

Project participants


In the project "Sandbox Innovation Process" innovative ideas for current challenges in the region are developed and implemented. Within a structured innovation process, an intensive exchange of knowledge and technology between universities and various partners in practice is created. Together the participants create added value for the region and strengthen the competitiveness in the greater Lüneburg area. By using new methods and formats, the innovation culture in the region is effectively strengthened. The main topic of the first sandbox is "Media Region". It aims to network regional media creators with companies from other sectors, such as health, education or crafts. Under this main topic, individual questions are to be worked out together in order to meet the trends of the media industry, such as virtual reality, gamification or influencer marketing with creative formats, collaborations and courageous solutions. Through this cooperation of different people the greater Lüneburg area will be strengthened and expanded as an attractive media location