Comment on "The global tree restoration potential"

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  • Joseph W. Veldman
  • Julie C. Aleman
  • Swanni T. Alvarado
  • T. Michael Anderson
  • Sally Archibald
  • William J. Bond
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  • Nina Buchmann
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  • A. Carla Staver
  • Nicola Stevens
  • Christopher J. Still
  • Caroline A. E. Strömberg
  • J. Morgan Varner
  • Nicholas P. Zaloumis
Bastin et al.’s estimate (Reports, 5 July 2019, p. 76) that tree planting for climate change mitigation could sequester 205 gigatonnes of carbon is approximately five times too large. Their analysis inflated soil organic carbon gains, failed to safeguard against warming from trees at high latitudes and elevations, and considered afforestation of savannas, grasslands, and shrublands to be restoration.
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Article number7976
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Publication statusPublished - 18.10.2019