Professorship for Governance and Sustainability

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The focus of our work is on participatory, cooperative and network-like communication and decision-making processes in the context of sustainable development. Problem-oriented, inter- and transdisciplinary research investigates structures, processes, context and results of governance. Our activities contribute to current conceptual debates and develop new methods of empirical research with a focus on the integration of knowledge through comparative and meta-analytical methods.


  • The effectiveness of participation in environmental decision-making processes
  • Collective leraning and social network analysis
  • Environmental and sustainability conflicts: mediation and consensus building
  • Issues of complexity and uncertainty os sustainability
  • Environmental information: monitoring and evaluation
  • Global and multi-level governance and institutional scaling processes
  • Public discourse and the role of the media
  • Transformation and decay of social-ecological systems
  • water resources management, coastal protection and management, land use and reuse of brownfield sites.
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  1. A-KÜST: Changes in the coastal climate - evaluation of alternative strategies in coastal protection, subproject 06: Perception and Cooperation

    Striegnitz, M., Schmidt, A., Lüdecke, G., von Storch, H., Weisse, R., Mayerle, R., Sauter, M., Ptak, T., Schlurmann, T. & Meon, G.


    Project: Research

  2. College Studien in der Praxis- T.U.N. e.V. - DialogN

    Hellmann, K. & Adzersen, A.


    Project: Practical Project

  3. NEWAVE: Next Water Governance

    Newig, J. & Bilalova, S.


    Project: Research

  4. Participation Case Scout

    Newig, J. & Rose, M.


    Project: Other

  5. REDD+ and the changing politics and economics of forest protection in Indonesia

    McGregor, A., Challies, E., Gavin, M., Weaver, S. & Tacconi, L.

    01.01.12 → …

    Project: Research