Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry

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At the Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry the use of chemical substances and the impact of chemicals and pharmaceuticals on the environment and society is one of the main issues of the research and teaching activities. In this respect two complementary subcategories play a central role, i.e. Environmental Chemistry and Sustainable Chemistry. Environmental Chemistry focuses on studies regarding the environmental fate and behavior of already existing chemicals. Based on this, the Sustainable Chemistry develops solutions that meet the criteria of sustainability.

The INUC contains following chairs:

  • Environmental Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ruck
  • Sustainable Chemistry and Material ResourcesProf. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer
  • Didactics in natural sciences, vacant


  1. HyperSys

    Kümmerer, K.


    Project: Research

  2. Project: Individual grant

  3. VidEX

    Stinken-Rösner, L.


    Project: Other

  4. Prioritisation and Risk Evaluation of Medicines in the EnviRonment

    Kümmerer, K. & Olsson, O.


    Funded by the EU HORIZON 2020


    Project: Research

  5. Project: Other

  6. Project: Other

  7. Project: Transfer (R&D project)

  8. Project: Research

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