What Makes a Person a Potential Tourist and a Region a Potential Tourism Destination? Prerequisites for Demand and Destinations and Their Relevance for Destination Brand Management

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The paper introduces a conceptual structural model to describe which central factors determine
whether and where tourism takes place. It refers to five factors being a prerequisite for tourism:
attractiveness, amenities (or facilities) and accessibility on the side of the destination and ability and
motivation to travel on the demand side. Empirical evidence is presented based on alarge sample population
survey in Germany for the strong influence of these five factors. Whether a person becomes a
potential tourist or not depends strongly on “ability” and on the motivational intensity. In addition, the
perception of attractiveness, amenities, and accessibility (rated for 10 regions/countries) is essential
for the selection of regions admitted to the initial consideration set. Both findings support the structure
and links used in the conceptual model. They thus emphasize the importance of these basic factors as
fundamentals of tourism. The model is helpful in providing a basic understanding of the tourism system.
Consequently, with destination branding and destination brand management, these basic factors
should be considered. Marketing a destination as a brand does only make sense in those cases where
the basic factors for a region to become a tourism destination are fulfilled. Destination brand management
has to ensure these prerequisites, and to develop quality and relevance of the destination. In
destination branding you can go everywhere when you respect the basics. Your success will be limited
though if you ignore them.
Titel3rd International Conference on Destination Branding and Marketing : Conference proceedings
HerausgeberLeonardo A.N Dioko, Xiang Li
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VerlagInstitute for Tourism Studies
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2009
Veranstaltung3rd International Conference on Destination Branding and Marketing - 2009 - Institute For Tourism Studies (IFT), Macao, China
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