Understanding and explaining populist radical right parties’ commitment to animal welfare in Western Europe

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Populist radical right parties (PRRP) are considered to be supportive of domestic environmental protection. In this context, scholars stress the importance of animal welfare, arguing that nativist and authoritarian ideologies provide discursive links to the issue in multicultural Western societies. Others argue that the fascist origins of some European PRRP still manifest themselves in supportive positions on animal welfare. This study attempts to map PRRPs’ engagement and positions on animal welfare and to explain the differences within the party group. Using partly computer-assisted content analysis of PRRP election manifestos and Twitter campaigns in eight Western European countries, we find that PRRP are more committed to animal welfare than several other party families but vary considerably in their engagement and position on the issue. It is argued that the involvement depends on whether animal welfare is a prominent issue in the party system and whether PRRP have fascist roots.

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