Situated Institutions: The Role of Place, Space and Embeddedness in Institutional Dynamics

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  • Tina Dacin
  • Tammar B. Zilber
  • Paul Tracey
  • Eva Boxenbaum
  • Robin Canniford
  • Peter Dacin
  • Steffen Farny
  • Barbara Gray
  • Ewald Kibler
  • Linda L. Putnam
  • Dean Shepherd
  • Silviya Svejenova
Place and space have long been the focus of studies of organizations (e.g. Bucher & Langley, 2016; Elsbach, 2004; Elsbach & Pratt, 2007; Tuan, 1974), but only recently were explored, mostly indirectly, in institutional studies. For example, recent work examines the role of place in institutional change on the organizational (Kellogg, 2009), community (Marquis & Battilana, 2009), field (Cartel, Boxenbaum, & Aggeri, 2018; Lounsbury, 2007; Ziestma & Lawrence, 2010; Zilber, 2018), or societal levels (Mair, 2012). Recent studies also explore the role of place in institutional work (Lawrence & Dover, 2015) and in reviving tradition (Dacin, Nasra, & Leithwood, 2009). Our symposium explores the situatedness of institutional dynamics. Through the presentation of four empirical studies, we will discuss how place impacts the salience, resonance, strength and scope of institutions. With an introduction to place at the beginning, discussant’s comments and a directed Q&A with audience participation at the end, this symposium will also explore the value of place to broader discussions about institutions.
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.08.2019
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Veranstaltung79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management: Understanding the Inclusive Organization - Academy of Management, Boston, USA / Vereinigte Staaten
Dauer: 09.08.201913.08.2019
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