Selbstreflexion akademischen Schreibhandelns anstoßen: Nicht-direktive Gesprächsführung als Haltung des Betreuenden

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Full perception of one’s own writing actions with its many facets is a pre-condition of reflection. Counselling and supervision can support the reflection process in various ways. The case study presented here shows how methods of writing process research can be used for supervision in writing and how it is possible to support writers in conceptualising their writing via verbalisations. The case is part of a larger study which examines a combination of writing research methods. It describes authentic text productions of a student-writing-tutor trainee participant. The participants’ writing actions during several hours of writing accompanied by introspective writing protocols where recorded by screen capture and keylogging. These methods were flanked by participant observation and combined and followed up with retrospective interview, group discussion, and dialogue-consensus and structure-formation-technique interview. In this paper, we illustrate the methods applied and focus on the roles supervisors, peer-tutors and teachers perform when they apply writing research methods in supervision, training and counselling. We shed some light on guided self-reflection and non-directive dialogue as a means to help writers to verbalise their thoughts, problems and decisions during writing.
TitelSchreiben im Übergang von Bildungsinstitutionen
HerausgeberDagmar Knorr, Katrin Lehnen, Kirsten Schindler
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