Preferences and policy - Consuming art and culture in Baltimore and Hamburg

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A common misconception among many citizens is that Europeans are more ardent patrons of cultural institutions than are Americans. To explore this hypothesis, I collected data to compare the cultural audiences of Baltimore, an American city, and Hamburg, a German city, two metropolitan areas roughly equivalent in size and industry base. I analyzed the data to examine how the different sociodemographic characteristics of the populations, differing cultural opportunities, and differing government policies for the arts are reflected in the sizes and structures of the arts audience.
ZeitschriftThe Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.06.1994
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Volker Kirchberg earned his Ph.0. from the University of Hamburg and teaches at the University of Liineburg, Department of Applied Arts Science; in 1991 he was a German Marshall Fund Scholar at the University of Baltimore. The author would like to thank Profs. Richard Swaim and Derral Cheatwood for helpful discussions. Survey facilities were provided by the William Donald Schaefer Center for Public Policy and the University of Baltimore. This research was financed by grants from the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Marshall Fund.

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  • Die Bedeutung von Kunst und Kultur für die Stadtentwicklung - Ein Vergleich von Baltimore und Hamburg

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