Cultural Policies and Local Planning Strategies: What Is the Role of Culture in Local Sustainable Development?

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The authors draw a strategic framework for cultural planning at the local level. The concepts of industrial district and cluster have strengthened the role of space - in terms of external economies of localization and agglomeration - in economic development. The recent debate concerning contemporary development processes has underlined the increasing role of the cultural dimension for local development and has focused on different paths of clustering around cultural investment. The authors review the latest literature on cultural districts and illustrate some key cases around the post-industrialized world in which culture played a critical role by acting as a catalyst for major economic and social renewal. The authors present a strategic model of a progressive cultural district based on an asset-action matrix that intersects cultural policy drivers with capital resources. The authors define a new model of cultural district - the system-wide cultural district - as an emergent, self-organized model of cultural supply that displays significant strategic complementaries with other production chains with a typical, postindustrial characterization.

ZeitschriftThe Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.2009
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