Organizational identity and its applications: A direction for further research

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Organizational identity (OI) remains a vague concept and has yet to be widely applied to a variety of academic disciplines. Research gaps can be detected through a systematic review process, which maps the dominant discourses of: (1) organizational identification; (2) OI and change, (3) OI and management; (4) OI and image/reputation; (5) OI and culture. Special attention is paid to the link between OI and firm growth, which acts as a point of reference in each discourse (6). The chapter shows that research gaps remain not only in the field of growth, but also in other areas, illustrating that the concept of OI may be mature but that it is far from obsolete.

TitelOrganizational Identity and Firm Growth : Properties of Growth, Contextual Identities and Micro-Level Processes
HerausgeberChristoph Dörrenbächer, Matthias Tomenendal, Sarah Stanske
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VerlagPalgrave Macmillan
ISBN (Print)978-1-137-57723-8, 978-1-349-84649-8
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