Modeling Interactions and Dependencies in Production Planning and Control: An Approach for a Systematic Description

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In PPC, there are many interactions and dependencies that are difficult for the practical user to keep track of. These insecurities often lead to a configuration of PPC, which is locally optimized but not optimally carried out in the overall context of a company's target system. With a specially developed description and modeling approach, the interactions between PPC tasks, procedures, and logistical objectives are shown systematically and transparently to support the holistic and target-oriented design of PPC in perspective. The interdependencies presented in this paper have been compiled by contributions of various authors and transformed into a unified descriptive logic. To provide a comprehensive understanding of the interactions and interdependencies within PPC configuration, three levels of detail have been defined: First, the logistical objectives have to be examined in isolation. In this process, the central interdependencies at the level of the logistical objectives must be identified and presented in causal diagrams. The created impact network of interdependencies then serves as a basis for investigating the impact and interaction of PPC tasks. For each of the tasks then, primary and secondary interdependencies must be identified and visualized transparently with the help of isolated causal diagrams. On the final level of detail, the object of investigation has to change from task-specific to procedure-specific interdependencies, presenting (specific) input and output variables and impacts. Within the scope of this paper, an overview of the identified levels is given. For this purpose, the focus is exemplary on in-house production planning and control and the PPC task of order release.
TitelSmart, Sustainable Manufacturing in an Ever-Changing World : Proceedings of International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing (COMA ’22)
HerausgeberKonrad von Leipzig, Natasha Sacks, Michelle Mc Clelland
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VeranstaltungConference- International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing - COMA 2022: Smart, Sustainable Manufacturing in an ever-changing world - Universität Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, Südafrika
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Acknowledgements The project “Systematic analysis of the effect of production planning and control processes on logistical objectives” leading to this paper is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation)—434659386

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