Don’t underestimate the problems of user centredness in software development projectsthere are many!?

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  • Torsten Heinbokel
  • Sabine Sonnentag
  • Michael Frese
  • Wolfgang Stolte
  • Felix C. Brodbeck
On the basis of a longitudinal field study of 29 commercial software development projects, the pros and cons of user centredness in software development were analysed. We looked at two concepts: user participation-an organizational device-involving a user representative in the team, and user orientation-a cognitive-emotional concept-which pertains to positive attitudes towards users. Both were found to be associated with project difficulties relating to process and product quality as well as overall project success. We suggest that the issue is no longer whether or not to involve users, but instead to develop a realistic understanding of the difficulties associated with user centredness. © 1996 Taylor & Francis Ltd.
ZeitschriftBehaviour and Information Technology
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.01.1996
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