Creativity in entrepreneurship: Dancing between nothing and structure

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In this chapter, we draw on the metaphor of dancing to discuss why and in what way structure, action, and interaction are relevant in entrepreneurship. We suggest that the metaphor of dancing can inspire new perspectives on the role of creativity in entrepreneurship. Based on entrepreneurship and innovation literature, we argue that the entrepreneurial process is, like dancing, surprisingly structured, requires action learning, and requires the interaction with the environment. In entrepreneurship as well as in dancing, not yet existent ideas can lead to something new and aesthetic, and this creative process requires structuring. One cannot learn to be a dancer without dancing, and one cannot be an entrepreneur without acting on entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities. Creating a dance, as well as creating a product or organization, is determined by the interaction with the environment. We discuss the implications of those perspectives on entrepreneurship for structuring the entrepreneurial process, designing entrepreneurship education, and navigating interactions with the environment.

TitelHandbook of Organizational Creativity : Leadership, Interventions, and Macro Level Issues
HerausgeberRoni Reiter-Palmon, Sam Hunter
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