Being in the Game; Language Teachers as Digital Learners

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Although Prensky (2001) famously described the “digital natives,” empirical research illustrates that the relationship between technology usage for pleasure and in knowledge acquisition and application contexts is not straightforward. Moreover, various studies (Kommer & Biermann, 2012; Sardone & Devlin-Scherer, 2009) illustrate that unique patterns exist among pre-service teachers regarding their attitudes towards and adoption of digital technologies. This presentation describes the use of gamified digital tools for language learning among pre-service English educators. Based on the preliminary results of a survey, this research examines the attitudes and experiences of future teachers regarding their use of digital game-based language learning (DGBLL) for both English acquisition and instruction. By considering them as both language learners and future teachers, students’ conceptions of themselves as both “digital learners” and “digital instructors” are examined in conjunction with one another. In addition to describing the kinds of DGBLL this cohort utilizes for its own language growth, the presentation will identify the ways these behaviors are reflected in their attitudes towards computer-assisted language instruction using DGBLL tools. While the survey reflects attitudes and usage among a small population at one university, it is hoped that the insights it generates contribute to a better understanding of the role, potential, and concerns regarding the implementation of gamified digital technologies in wider language learning contexts.
TitelConference Proceedings : ICT for Language Learning
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VeranstaltungInternational conference ICT for Language Learning - ICT 2016 - Florence, Italien
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