Reconfigurable Control System for Plants with Variable Structure

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Define intelligent control is not an easy task, in the literature we find different definitions of it, which depend on the area of application. Here we will define or view the intelligent control in the context of the control of complex systems. In this context, a control is intelligent when it has the ability to operate and act to control in the best way a complex system which changed suddenly and significantly, due to external and internal disturbances. This work presents the reconfigurable control method based on adaptive and conventional control combined with the 'multiples models, switching and tuning' (MMST), which can identify the model which best represent the complex system. The approach was first introduced by Narendra and Balakrishnan. Here we propose two different control strategies, one is based on conventional control using MMST and the second is based on the combination of adaptive and conventional control using MMST, to control a complex system which varies its structure and parameters. The proof of the Lyapunov stability is not part of this work, for a proof see the work of Narendra and Balakrishnan. We assume that the models of the variable plant were identified before. In the simulation we used it to represent the dynamic change of the plant. The aim of the work is to investigate if the reconfigurable control can act in an intelligent way and control in a stable manner the time variable structure system. We present some simulations results to show the efficacy of the proposed control strategies.

Titel2016 20th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing (ICSTCC) : Joint Conference SINTES 20, SACCS 16, SIMSIS 20
HerausgeberEmil Petre, Marius Brezovan
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VerlagIEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
ISBN (Print)978-1-5090-2720-0
ISBN (elektronisch)9781509027200
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 16.12.2016
VeranstaltungInternational Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing - ICSTCC 2016 : Joint Conference SINTES 20, SACCS 16, SIMSIS 20 - Palace Hotel, Sinaia, Rumänien
Dauer: 13.10.201615.10.2016
Konferenznummer: 20