15 Self-starting behavior at work: Toward a theory of personal initiative

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In this article we would like to look at the importance of self-starting behavior, particularly in future work settings. After we have established its importance we will try to understand it. Self-starting behavior has traditionally been framed within concepts of intrinsic motivation. We think that there are several conceptual problems when using intrinsic motivation in applied settings. We present the personal initiative theory with which we seek to overcome some of these problems. The personal initiative theory attempts to resolve the theoretical contradiction that exists in the occurrence of self-starting behavior in the context of externally given tasks; it allows for the simultaneous occurrence of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation for a behavior, and it enlarges our understanding of the role of positive and negative affect in the enactment of a self-starting behavior.
TitelMotivation psychology of human development : Developing motivation and motivating development
HerausgeberJutta Heckhausen
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