Gold, Weihrauch und Malerei - Notion and Representaion of Value in Art – International Workshop

Projekt: Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung



30 students of the Leuphana University
10 participants from outside the university

The inquiry around the value of art is not recent and has always involved different dimensions. At first the workshop explored the notion of value on a historical basis in the early modern period and asked what interdependences might be found with different representations of value during the same centuries. In two further steps it dedicated itself to the notion and representation of value in a contemporary view.

The aim of the International Workshop was to analyze different concepts of value in art in a historical and in a theoretical perspective.

Scholars from different countries, universities and disciplines presented their recent research on the topic of the multidimensional notion of value in the arts and of its possible contribution to the local development of cities and communities and discussed their perspective.

Guest speakers were:
- Pierluigi Sacco, Professor in Cultural Economics (IULM University Milan)
- Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Professor in Management and Philosophy (Copenhagen Business School)
- Irini Athanassakis, Artist and Author (Vienna)
- Davide Ponzini, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning (Polytechnic University Milan)
- Michael Hutter, Professor in Cultural Economics (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung)
- Isabelle Graw, Art-Critic, Professor of Theory of Art (Städelschule Frankfurt)