The role of affect, satisfaction, and internal drive on personal moral norms during COVID-19

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  • Besarta Veseli
  • Koch Elena
  • Meikel Soliman
  • Sabrina Sandner
  • Sinika Studte
  • Michel Clement
Background and Objective

Societies require prosocial activities during crises. The COVID-19 pandemic presents individuals with unique challenges that may affect their emotional state leading to reformed personal moral norms. Crucially, personal moral norms are important predictors of moral behaviour. Given the longevity of the pandemic, studying its impact on affect, satisfaction and internal drive of (non-)donors during COVID-19 and if personal moral norms are affected is paramount.
Material and Methods

This study relies on longitudinal data, consisting of six waves carried out biweekly. Our panel is representative for the German population, capturing changes in affect, satisfaction, internal drive and personal moral norms. We compare the emotional state and personal moral norms of (non-)donors in the pandemic to pre-pandemic phase. Moreover, we analyse changes in emotional state and personal moral norms during the pandemic and investigate the role of emotional state on personal moral norms.

Firstly, our results show that personal moral norms of (non-)donors drop compared to pre-pandemic. Within pandemic, personal moral norms of active donors are not further altered. Secondly, we find significant changes of emotional state in the pandemic compared to pre-pandemic phase, for example individuals feel more optimistic, but less satisfied and less energetic. Thirdly, we find that feeling more grateful increases personal moral norms of non-donors.

This study provides insights into how crises shape (non-)donors’ emotional state and its impact on relevant donor motivations, that is, personal moral norms. Blood banks can use this knowledge to enhance recruiting and retention efforts during crises.
Original languageEnglish
JournalISBT Science Series
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)158-167
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 05.2021

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  • Management studies - affect, blood donation, covid-19, personal moral norms, prosocial behavior