"Community" as a Future Perspective of European Social Work?

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“Community” is a relevant topic to both practitioners and researchers of social work throughout the world. As Dixon et al. (2005: 4) state, “the acknowledgement of ‘community’ as an essential component within the formation of individual identity and as the means for citizens to achieve improved levels of personal well-being” represents “a broad consensus amongst community theorists, activists and workers.” However, what exactly those theorists, activists and workers who share this consensus reify as “acknowledgement”, and moreover, what they reify as “community”, varies considerably across diverse schools of thought, practical fields, cultural frameworks, and analytical perspectives (Fritz and Rhéaume, 2014)....
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEuropean Social Work - A Compendium
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PublisherVerlag Babara Budrich
Publication date2020
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