Biosecurity in mountains and northern ecosystems: current status and future challenges

Project: Research

Project participants

  • Haider, Sylvia (Project staff)
  • Milbau, Ann (Project manager, academic)
  • Albihn, Ann (Project staff)
  • Alexander, Jake M. (Project staff)
  • Burgess, Treena I. (Project staff)
  • Daehler, Curtis (Project staff)
  • Essl, Franz (Project staff)
  • Evengård, Birgitta (Project staff)
  • Greenwood, Gregory B. (Project staff)
  • Muths, Erin (Project staff)
  • Nuñez, Martin A. (Project staff)
  • Pauchard, Aníbal (Project staff)
  • Pellissier, Loïc (Project staff)
  • Rabitsch, Wolfgang (Project staff)
  • Robertson, Mark (Project staff)
  • Sanders, Nathan J. (Project staff)
  • Research Institute of Nature and Forest (INBO)
  • National University of Comahue
  • Umeå University


Symposium and resulting expert group.
Funded by the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) and the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.