Formative Dimensions for Green and Sustainable Chemical Education: A Qualitative Evaluation Tool of the Formative Level of Experimental Processes

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This paper addresses the fundamentals, structuring, and application of a Formative Dimensions for Green and Sustainable Chemical Education (Formative Dimensions - GSCE) qualitative evaluation tool of experimental processes. This instrument was created considering the need to resignify laboratory practices in Chemical Education. Qualitative research conducted in a case study format analyzed its functionality considering two experimental proposals developed by students of “Green Chemistry” and “Experimentation in Chemical Education” disciplines in their initial course at a federal Higher Education Institution located in the State of São Paulo. The analyses of the dimensions identified and the graphic figures in the experiments revealed the essential elements that make a formative experiment. Formative Dimensions - GSCE aims at evaluations of the scopes and limits of experimental activities by teachers, students, and other educational agents and identification of aspects related to techniques and didactics for an individual’s socio-scientific formation.

ZeitschriftJournal of Chemical Education
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 13.06.2023

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The authors acknowledge CAPES for their financial support under process number 88882.426363/2019-01, CNPq as well as all undergraduate students of a federal Higher Education Institution located in the State of São Paulo, who agreed to participate in this study signing the consent form recommended by the university’s committee on Ethics in Research.

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