Journal of Chemical Education, ‎0021-9584

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  1. 2021
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    Integrating Sustainability into Learning in Chemistry

    Wissinger, J. E., Visa, A., Saha, B. B., Matlin, S. A., Mahaffy, P. G., Kümmerer, K. & Cornell, S., 13.04.2021, in: Journal of Chemical Education. 98, 4, S. 1061-1063 3 S.

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  4. 2019
  5. Integrating Green and Sustainable Chemistry into Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories: Closing and Assessing the Loop on the Basis of a Citrus Biorefinery Approach for the Biocircular Economy in Brazil

    Zuin, V. G., Segatto, M. L., Zandonai, D. P., Grosseli, G. M., Stahl, A., Zanotti, K. & Andrade, R. S., 10.12.2019, in: Journal of Chemical Education. 96, 12, S. 2975-2983 9 S.

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