E-Learning an einer deutschen Universität aus Sicht des Lehrpersonals: Ergebnisse und Handlungskonsequenzen der Universität Lüneburg

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Based upon a sample of N=115 teaching staff members and scientific personnel of the University of Lueneburg, a paper-pencil based cross sectional survey concern-ing e-learning was conducted. We focussed upon general usage of computer and Internet software as well as attitudes towards new media for teaching purposes. Main results: About seventy percent used text documents like Word or PDF docu-ments for teaching purposes, about half of the participants used PowerPoint slides via Internet (server based), one third used the own homepage, and forty percent used the online system MyStudy for teaching purposes. Web and computer-based trainings as well as blogging or Web logs were hardly used or unknown. We found positive attitudes towards e-learning. About half of the participants mentioned need for help concerning instructional design of e-learning. Gender differences in favour of men concerning self-assessment of Internet com-petencies could be found only in a subgroup of staff members (scientific personnel). Internet use measures showed no gender differences. A moderate but significant correlation between Internet related competencies (self assessment) and the interest in digital preparation of traditional course material could be found. These results led to diverse activities. Besides many other already existing e-learning activities an e-learning workshop for teaching staff members was scheduled and will start in October 2007. This coursed is embedded in a complex training pro-gramme for teaching staff. Furthermore a state subsidized project was successfully launched with regard to the creation of e-learning modules for bachelor students and students of the professional school at the Leuphana University of Lueneburg.
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  • Wirtschaftsinformatik - Blended-Learning, digitale Lehrmedien, E-Learning, Internetnutzung, Webkompetenz