Correction to: Processes of sustainability transformation across systems scales: leveraging systemic change in the textile sector (Sustainability Science, (2023), 10.1007/s11625-023-01436-8)

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In the original publication of the article, the following author contribution statement “All authors have contributed equally to this paper and have an equal claim as first authors.” was missing and included in this article. In addition, third author’s family name was published incorrectly as “Kessler”. The correct family name should read as “Keβler”. Finally, affiliation 6 was published incorrectly as “Transformative Mindset & Spaces, Research Institute for Sustainability, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (RIFS), Potsdam, Germany”. The correct affiliation 6 should read as “Research Institute for Sustainability—Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (RIFS), Potsdam, Germany”.

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