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  1. 2023
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    MSPs for the SDGs: Assessing the collaborative governance architecture of multi-stakeholder partnerships for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

    Glass, L-M., Newig, J. & Ruf, S., 01.08.2023, in: Earth System Governance. 17, 17 S., 100182.

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  3. 2022
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    Environmental governance in globally telecoupled systems: Mapping the terrain towards an integrated research agenda

    Cotta, B., Coenen, J., Challies, E., Newig, J., Lenschow, A. & Schilling-Vacaflor, A., 01.08.2022, in: Earth System Governance. 13, 16 S., 100142.

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  5. 2021
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    Learning spaces in multi-stakeholder initiatives: The German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles as a platform for dialogue and learning?

    Beyers, F. & Leventon, J., 01.09.2021, in: Earth System Governance. 9, 13 S., 100113.

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  7. 2020
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    Building capacity for the science-policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services: Activities, fellows, outcomes, and neglected capacity building needs

    Gustafsson, K. M., Díaz-Reviriego, I. & Turnhout, E., 01.06.2020, in: Earth System Governance. 4, 10 S., 100050.

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  9. 2019
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    Governance for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: How important are participation, policy coherence, reflexivity, adaptation and democratic institutions?

    Glass, L-M. & Newig, J., 01.04.2019, in: Earth System Governance. 2, S. 100031 14 S., 100031.

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