EAWOP Small Group Meeting - 2011

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Kathrin Rosing - Sprecher*in

The innovation process: A linear succession of phases or chaos?

In this study, we propose a model of the innovation process that integrates both linear and chaotic frameworks to describe innovation. In our model of linear chaos, we assume that the importance of innovation activities shifts over time, but that all activities have relevance throughout the whole innovation process. Moreover, the pattern of shifting between activities has implications for innovation outcomes. Drawing on data from 113 applied student innovation projects, we used latent class analysis to group projects with similar innovation activity trajectories. Results confirmed that about a third of the teams followed the model of linear chaos and that these teams were superior in novelty of the project outcome. Our findings contribute to the understanding of how innovation processes unfold over time.
EAWOP Small Group Meeting - 2011


EAWOP Small Group Meeting - 2011: Time and Change in Teams


Chemnitz, Deutschland

Veranstaltung: Konferenz