Multisensory Design of Retail Environments: Vision, Sound, and Scent

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Online retailers have gained massive popularity in recent years, plunging large parts of brick-and-mortar retail into an existential crisis. In order to survive in times of growing online retail, brick-and-mortar retailers must become aware of their unique potential to address non-digitizable consumer needs and transform retail environments into places of experience and discovery. A key building block for achieving this aim lies in the creation of sensory experiences that motivate consumers to enter and linger in stationary retail environments.

But how? To answer this question, this volume provides insights into the latest research results from sensory marketing on vision, sound, and scent. The authors describe the sometimes surprising effects of sensory cues on consumer behavior and provide clear recommendations for marketing practice.

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PublisherSpringer Fachmedien
Number of pages72
ISBN (Print)978-3-658-41241-8
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-658-41242-5
Publication statusPublished - 01.01.2023

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