Electrical and Mechanical Characterization of Polymer Nanofibers for Sensor Application

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Electrical and Mechanical Characterization of Polymer Nanofibers for Sensor Applications Schriftreihe zur Produkt- und Prozessinnovation Hrsg.: Prof. Dr. Georgiadis Carlos Fuhrhop was born in Valdivia-Chile where he went to the German school and obtained his high school degree. He received his Electronic Civil Engineer degree (6 years program) at the Technical University Federico Santa Maria, in Valparaiso- Chile. He has developed a reconfigurable control technique based on adaptive controlmultiple models and switching to control variable plant-systems, and finished his engineer thesis with the highest score. After one year in the mathematical PhD program at the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago-Chile where he got a scholarship for graduate studies, went to Germany to study Micro and Nanotechnology at the Applied Science University of Kaiserslautern, where he obtained his certificated and moved to Lüneburg as a research assistant at the Institute of Product and Process Innovation (PPI) of Leuphana University where he gives lecture on Microsystems and Instrumentation, and he is responsible to manage the laboratory for Microstructure Characterization. Moreover, he organizes and manages the Summer School, Metrology in nanotechnology, until now. At the PPI institute he has been studying polymer nanofiber‘s (electrospun) structures and their mechanical and electrical properties for sensor applications. He has been performed experimental part of his doctoral research and a seminar on nanoindentation of nanofiber at the Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences of L‘Aquila University in Italy, as a part of the EU Erasmus program. He has attended numerous national and international conferences and is an author of publications in the field of control theory, Nanostructures and nanodevices, and Scanning probe Microscopy technologies. After finished his doctoral studies, he got a postdoc position at PPI institute and works as Research Associate on the project, Multiresolution model predictive control for complex industrial and economical systems, until now.
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Publication statusPublished - 01.03.2016

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  • Engineering - Coplaner Wave Guide, Polymer Nanofibers, Young ̍s Modulus, Polyethylene Oxide (PEO), Biosensor, Nanoindentation, CLSM, Atomic Force Microscope, Electronic Transport, Nanomechanik, Impedance Measurement