Complexities and Nuances in Radical Right Voters' (Anti)Feminism

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While radical right parties commonly advance conservative gender positions, research on radical right voters' gender attitudes remains inconclusive. To understand radical right voters' gender attitudes, I first analyze previous research for frames that antifeminist actors commonly use to advance their arguments. I then draw on interviews with eastern German radical right voters to analyze whether and how these voters apply antifeminist frames to argue about feminist policy. I demonstrate that they use antifeminist frames to oppose mostly third-wave and recently salient feminist issues, but also support certain feminist policies, sometimes for instrumental reasons. Further, voters include particularities of their context in their arguments. Eastern Germany constitutes an atypical context, allowing for insights into voters' (anti)feminism in a post-socialist context marked by atheism and relatively advanced gender norms. The study contributes to understanding complexities and nuances in radical right voters' gender attitudes, and thereby to understanding cultural grievances beyond anti-immigration attitudes.

Original languageEnglish
JournalSocial Politics
Issue number2
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Publication statusPublished - 28.04.2023
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