Sustainable information logistics for digital contact tracing of infectious diseases

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The interdisciplinary research project ZIL-KONTAKT aims at developing concepts and recommendations for action for the further development and improvement of information logistics for digital contact tracing of infectious diseases on several levels (sensor technology, individual, data analysis, data exchange, technology acceptance). The four subprojects address issues along an interconnected digital information chain which involves many stakeholders. The first work package aims to evaluate sensors in healthcare facilities and manufacturing industries in the region that enable digital contact tracing. The second work package aims to test innovative sensor technology for contact tracing at events as well as in retail business. Following a market analysis, different sensors and the analysis of the data will be tested and evaluated first in the laboratory and later in an application context. The third work package aims to investigate the acceptance of the tested sensors for contact tracking and for forwarding data to authorities from a psychological perspective and to derive recommendations for action from this. The fourth work package focuses on the information infrastructure from the perspective of a data ecosystem and develops requirements for a reference architecture for information logistics for infectious diseases which takes the tested sensor technology into account.