V-Reflect: Fostering Preservice Teachers’ Noticing with Structured Video Feedback

Project: Research

Project participants

  • Kleinknecht, Marc (Project manager, academic)
  • Gröschner, Alexander (Project manager, academic)


In the last ten years, classroom videos have become a crucial tool in teacher education. Research on video-based approaches in teacher education shows that classroom videos can enhance situated and problem-oriented learning and foster pre- and in-service teachers’ abilities to notice and analyze teaching and learning situations. Despite the increasing use of preservice teachers’ own classroom videos in teacher education, little is known about how instructional support affects preservice teachers’ noticing.
The study focused on the effects of strongly structured online- and video-based self-reflection (SR) and feedback on preservice teachers’ noticing. We used a quasi-experimental design to investigate the effects of this online- and video-based intervention compared to a JW approach (without video-based reflections and feedback).

Research outputs