Wealth in Germany: High incomes, their structure and distribution - microanalyses with income tax statistics

Project: Research

Project participants

  • Merz, Joachim (Project manager, academic)
  • Hirschel, Dierk (Project staff)
  • Zwick, Markus (Project staff)
  • Böhm, Paul (Project staff)


The German government has now produced four poverty and wealth reports. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security (BMGS), Prof. Dr. Joachim Merz, Dr. Dierk Hirschel and Prof. Dr. Markus Zwick have prepared an expert report on income wealth for the second report. This work builds on Merz's contribution (2001) on high incomes for the German government's first report on poverty and wealth. For the ongoing work, there is also close cooperation with the Federal Statistical Office (Prof. Dr. Markus Zwick). During the period under review, further results on high incomes and income distribution in general and for individual groups, such as the liberal professions, entrepreneurs, employees and older people, were compiled and published on the basis of this work and with new microdata from income tax statistics. The first waves of the Taxpayer Panel were also included. This long-term project is closely related to Paul Böhm's dissertation project and will be continued in this context.