Accompanying, systematizing and transferring research in Real-World Laboratories

Project: Research

Project participants

  • Lang, Daniel J. (Project manager, academic)
  • Schäpke, Niko (Coordination)
  • Bergmann, Matthias (Partner)
  • Stelzer, Franziska (Partner)
  • Singer-Brodowski, Mandy (Partner)


The project „Accompanying, systematizing and transferring research in Real-World Laboratories (ForReal)" is carried out in collaboration between Leuphana University Lüneburg, the Institute for Social-Ecological Research and the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. The accompanying research is supporting seven Real-World Laboratories, funded by the Ministry of Science and Culture Baden-Wuerttemberg.
ForReal is co-operating with a second accompanying research project located at the University of Basel. Jointly and in close co-operation both projects pursue two aims:

1) To supporting and interconnect the Real-World Laboratories with regard to facilitating the implementation process, developing transferable insights and embedding the Labs into national and international networks.
2) Gaining insights on Real-World Laboratory processes, in particular with regard to applied methods, quality features and transdisciplinary knowledge integration.

ForReal in details:

• Transdisciplinary sustainability research (accompanying and executive research)
• Transformative and transformation research as well as its theoretical and methodological foundations
• Teaching and learning projects

• To support of the Labs by way of proving structured and praxis-oriented basics of research in Real-World laboratories and related approaches
• To identify, describe and structure methods used to realize conceptual ideas of the Labs
• To identify overarching quality features of Real-World Laboratories as transformative research approaches, thereby supporting the transfer of processes and insights
• To network nationally and internationally facilitating exchange on good practices
• To provide structured input on the basics of research in Real-World Laboratories in theoretical and methodological terms and oriented towards process and learning
• To selectively support Labs by way of individual consulting, topic-specific discussion-groups and intensive co-operation with the discussion fora organized by the Basel accompanying research
• To make insights of single Labs accessible for mutual learning and future research projects
• To network nationally and internationally through workshops, conferences and continuous publications (manuals, bloqs, journal articles)