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  1. GrassSyn - Biodiversity of Brazilian grasslands and savannas: patterns and drivers, ecosystem services, and strategies for conservation and restoration

    Overbeck, G. E., Temperton, V., Anand, M., Santiago, B., Carlucci, M., Dechoum, M., Durigan, G., Fidelis, A., Guido, A., Menezes, L., Müller, S., Rosenfield, M. F., Sampaio, A., Sosinski, E., Staude, I., Tornquist, C. G., Turchetto, C., Veldman, J. W., Vélez-Martin, E. & Wiesmeier, M.


    Project: Research

  2. Halboffene Weidelandschaft Höltigbaum

    Härdtle, W.


    Project: Research

  3. INPLAMINT: Increasing agricultural nutrient-use efficiency by optimizing plant-soil-microorganism interactions

    Temperton, V., von Wehrden, H., Brüggemann, N., Rillig, M. C., Schloter, M., Müller-Lindenlauf, M., Bonkowski, M., Koller, R., Kage, H. & Armbruster, M.

    Federal Ministry of Education and Research


    Project: Research