Sacha Kagan


Sacha Kagan


Dr. Sacha Kagan

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  1. Art and (Un-)Sustainability

    Kagan, S.


    Project: Dissertation project

  2. CES Summer School: Artistic and Other Creative Practices as Drivers for Urban Resilience

    Kagan, S., Duxbury, N., Haley, D., Blanc, N. & Holz, V.


    Project: Scientific event

  3. ASSiST: International Summer School of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation

    Kagan, S., Koefoed, O., Savova, N., Cozzolino, F., Radhika, P. N. & Sanguinetti, I.


    Project: Teaching

  4. Radius of Art: Creative politicization of the public sphere - Cultural potential forces for social transformation

    Gad, D., Löschmann, H., Kagan, S., Müffelmann, A., Eckstein, K., Merkel, C. M., Jarchow, U., Thoss, M. M., Classen, R., aus dem Moore, E., Winkler, S., Müller, E. & Ernst, R.


    Project: Scientific event

  5. Sustainable Creative Cities: The role of the arts in globalized urban context

    Kagan, S., Sasaki, M. & Verstraete, K.


    Project: Research

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