Speaking with One Voice While Being Different - Effects of Comparison Mindsets in Negotiations between Groups

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Carolin Schuster - presenter

    In two experimental studies we examine the influence of intragroup processes in negotiation groups on intergroup negotiation behavior and outcomes. We expected groups with a difference mindset to elaborate unshared information about the group’s common interest better than groups with a similarity mindset. We further postulated that the difference mindset would lead to better joint outcomes in a group-on-group (Study 1) and a representative (Study 2) negotiation setting, by facilitating interest-consistent negotiating behavior. The results partially supported the hypotheses: In Study 1, the indirect effect of mindset on joint outcomes via interest-consistent claims was found, but there was no effect of mindset on information elaboration. In Study 2, both the effect of mindset on information elaboration, as well as an indirect effect on joint outcomes via interest-consistent first offers, supported our hypotheses. Results point to the importance of focusing on differences in order to act jointly.
    Note: This presentation is based on the dissertation of Silke Recktenwald (formerly Bündgens)

    Co-authors: Recktenwald, Silke; Ellwart, Thomas; Troetschel, Roman


    30th Annual Conference of the International Association for Conflict Management - IACM 2017


    Berlin, Germany

    Event: Conference