Valuing Climate Change Effects Upon UK Agricultural GHG Emissions: Spatial Analysis of a Regulating Ecosystem Service

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  • David Abson
  • Mette Termansen
  • Unai Pascual
  • Uzma Aslam
  • Carlo Fezzi
  • Ian J. Bateman
This article provides estimates of the physical and economic value of changes in
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions projected to arise from climate change induced shifts in UK agricultural land use during the period 2004–2060. In physical terms, significant regional differences are predicted with the intensity of agricultural GHG emissions increasing in the upland north and western parts of the UK and decreasing in the lowland south and east of the country. Overall these imply relative modest increases in the physical quantity of emissions. However, rapid rises in the expected marginal value of such emissions translate these trends
into major increases in their economic costs over the period considered.
ZeitschriftEnvironmental and Resource Economics
Seiten (von - bis)215-231
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 02.2014