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  1. 2024
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    Intrinsic, instrumental and relational values behind nature’s contributions to people preferences of nature visitors in Germany

    Kachler, J., Felipe-Lucia, M. R., Isaac, R., Bonn, A. & Martín-López, B., 08.05.2024, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: Ecosystems and People. 20, 1, 17 S., 2342361.

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    Future ecosystem service provision under land-use change scenarios in southwestern Ethiopia

    Duguma, D. W., Brueck, M., Shumi, G., Law, E., Benra, F., Schultner, J., Nemomissa, S., Abson, D. J. & Fischer, J., 2024, in: Ecosystems and People. 20, 1, 14 S., 2321613.

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  5. 2023
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    Anticipating and transforming futures: a literature review on transdisciplinary coastal research in the Global South

    Baumann, L., Riechers, M., Celliers, L. & Ferse, S. C. A., 17.12.2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 16 S., 2288957.

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    Pathways towards sustainable and just futures with and for disabled populations: a leverage points perspective

    Kosanic, A., Petzold, J. & Martín-López, B., 05.11.2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 5 S., 2274590.

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    Mismatches in the ecosystem services-wellbeing nexus: a case study for Chilean Patagonia

    Benra, F., Nahuelhual, L., Felipe-Lucia, M. R., Oh, R., Kachler, J. & Bonn, A., 26.06.2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 19 S., 2224448.

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  9. Erschienen

    Indigenous and local knowledge in biocultural approaches to sustainability: a review of the literature in Spanish

    Burke, L., Díaz Reviriego, I., Lam, D. & Hanspach, J., 02.2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 15 S., 2157490.

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    The role of institutions in food system transformations: lessons learned from transdisciplinary engagements in Ethiopia, the Philippines, and Indonesia

    Manlosa, A. O., Partelow, S., Jiren, T. S., Riechers, M. & Paramita, A. O., 01.01.2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 15 S., 2146753.

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  11. Green in grey: ecosystem services and disservices perceptions from small-scale green infrastructure along a rural-urban gradient in Bengaluru, India

    Thapa, P., Torralba, M., Bhaskar, D., Nagendra, H. & Plieninger, T., 2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 15 S., 2223307.

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    Science on ecosystems and people to support the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

    Schröter, M., Berbés-Blázquez, M., Albert, C., Hill, R., Krause, T., Loos, J., Mannetti, L. M., Martín-López, B., Neelakantan, A., Parrotta, J. A., Quintas-Soriano, C., Abson, D. J., Alkemade, R., Amelung, B., Baptiste, B., Barrios, E., Djoudi, H., Drakou, E. G., Durance, I., García Llorente, M., Geneletti, D., Harmáčková, Z. V., Jacobs, S., Kaiser, N. N., Kingsley, J., Klain, S., Martínez-Harms, M. J., Murali, R., O’Farrell, P., Pandit, R., Pereira, L., Rana, S., Riechers, M., Rusch, G. M., Sala, J. E., Schulp, C. J. E., Sitas, N., Subramanian, S. M., Villasante, S. & van Oudenhoven, A., 2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 10 S., 2220913.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenAndere (Vorworte. Editoral u.ä.)Forschung

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