Self-regulated learning with a text-highlighting strategy a training experiment

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Forty-five university students participated in a computer-based training program on self-regulated learning from expository text. The training program introduced students to a learning strategy helping them identify and highlight important text information. Students were randomly assigned to three treatment groups: (1) no training at all, (2) training in highlighting only, or (3) combined training in both highlighting and self-regulation. After completing the training, students were instructed to read an instructional text and apply the trained strategies. The extent to which they applied the strategies while reading the text was assessed, and the amount of knowledge and comprehension they had acquired and recalled from the text was measured. Results show that students in the combined training condition outperformed their counterparts in the learning strategy training condition, who in turn outperformed those with no training at all. The results are in line with recent self-regulated learning theories, which state that, in addition to teaching students specific cognitive learning strategies, it is worth training them to monitor and regulate their strategy use.

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