The end of certainties: drug consumption and youth delinquency in West Germany

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During the summer of 1967, Fritz Bauer, a famous public prosecutor for a provincial court, inveighed against, as he put it “a West German nightmare,” stating that “a ghost is making its rounds in West Germany—the ghost of rising youth delinquency.”¹ In January of 1973, the news magazineDer Spiegelquoted the North Rhine-Westphalian minister of the interior Willi Weyer, who had said that juvenile delinquency² has “risen in an alarming way.” Moreover, in the same article the magazine reported an “over-proportional rise in violent crime” committed by young people.³ Looking for reasons why since the mid-1960s the threats...
TitelBetween Marx and Coca-Cola : Youth Cultures in Changing European Societies 1960 - 1980.
HerausgeberAxel Schildt, D. Siegfried
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