Remote Labs in Electrical Engineering to address heterogeneous student competencies in undergraduate Engineering Education

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Especially in the introductory phase of engineering studies, electrical engineering courses usually reveal a large heterogeneity in the previous knowledge of technical aspects of the students related to practical aspects that are required for successful participation in the labs. During this fundamental orientation phase of the study program, it is crucial to “get your hands dirty” to gain not only abstract, but concrete knowledge of elementary concepts like electrical circuitry and linear supplies.
TitelEDUCON 2023 - IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, Proceedings : Salmiya, Kuwait, 1-4 May 2023, American University of Kuwait; Conference proceedings
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VerlagIEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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VeranstaltungIEEE Global Engineering Education Conference 2023 - American University of Kuwait, Salmiya, Kuwait
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