Lernwerkstatt: An Inclusive Approach in Science Education

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Inclusion is a holistic process. Developments on school and classroom level have to go hand in hand to progress successfully. In this chapter we introduce an Austrian inclusive middle school where all teachers and a dedicated principal approached inclusive teaching despite systemic barriers. The developments in science education are particularly focused. The teachers implemented an open inquiry setting, a kind of workshop center called Lernwerkstatt in Austria, where all students participate in - no matter what cultural or social background, age or gender, religion or achievement level, etc. they have. They work on individual questions they are interested in, plan and conduct investigations, analyze and present their findings. During an inquiry the phase of finding questions counts as very crucial and rather difficult. Thus, it is important to understand how all students engage and participate in this inquiry phase and how they can be supported. Mainly through video-based observations and inductive analysis this research interest is pursued. The results give detailed insights into inclusive science teaching practices.
TitelScience Education towards Inclusion
HerausgeberS. Markic, S. Abels
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