Key competencies in sustainability in higher education - toward an agreed-upon reference framework

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  • Katja Brundiers
  • Matthias Barth
  • Gisela Cebrián
  • Matthew Cohen
  • Liliana Diaz
  • Sonya Doucette-Remington
  • Niki Harré
  • Meghann Jarchow
  • Kealalokahi Losch
  • Jessica Michel
  • Michaela Zint
  • Yoko Mochizuki
  • Marco Rieckmann
  • Roderic Parnell
  • Peter Walker
Hundreds of sustainability programs have emerged at universities and colleges around the world over the past 2 decades. A prime question for employers, students, educators, and program administrators is what competencies these programs develop in students. This study explores convergence on competencies for sustainability programs. We conducted a Delphi study with 14 international experts in sustainability education on the framework of key competencies in sustainability by Wiek et al. (Sustain Sci 6: 203–218, 2011), the most frequently cited framework to date. While experts generally agreed with the framework, they propose two additional competencies, suggest a hierarchy of competencies, and specify learning objectives for students interested in a career as sustainability researcher. The refined framework can inform program development, implementation, and evaluation to enhance employability of graduates and facilitate comparison of sustainability programs worldwide.
ZeitschriftSustainability Science
Seiten (von - bis)13-29
Anzahl der Seiten17
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.2021

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