Transdisciplinary learning as a key leverage for sustainability transformations

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Learning and transdisciplinary research are widely acknowledged as key components for achieving sustainability; however, the links between these concepts remain pretty vague in sustainability literature. Recently, emphasis has been given to transdisciplinary learning, highlighting its potential to be used as an approach that contributes to solving real-world problems. To better understand and foster transdisciplinary learning for sustainability transformations, it is relevant to pay attention to two dimensions defining transdisciplinary learning: social interaction (learning in a social setting, as a group, or beyond the group) and learning forms (single, double or triple loop learning). This article introduces a conceptual framework built upon these two dimensions to understand three specific forms of transdisciplinary learning, namely: transdisciplinary learning as a) individual competence development,
b) experienced-based collaboration and c) societal interaction. This framework helps clarify the design of learning processes as well as their interactions in transdisciplinary processes to support transformative change.
ZeitschriftCurrent Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.10.2023