Introduction: Perspectives on Resilience Research

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Resilience is key to the ability to stand up again and again. Resilience is also
the umbrella topic of this anthology and of the YEEES1 project. YEEES focuses
on resilience through entrepreneurial thinking and supported by information and
communication technologies (ICT) particularly in urban and peri-urban areas. In
this introductory article, we start with an overview of the YEEES project and of
research supported within the YEEES Research Center. In the second part, we
briefly introduce resilience research from different perspectives. We focus firstly
on the geographical aspect as the initial starting point of our work was the resilience
of urban and peri-urban areas, followed by other main fields of resilience research
which are, however, often interconnected. Finally, we give an overview of the book’s
structure and the articles selected in this anthology.
TitelResilience, Entrepreneurship and ICT : Latest Research from Germany, South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia
HerausgeberJantje Halberstadt, Jorge Marx Gomez, Jean Greyling, Tulimevava Kaunapawa Mufeti, Helmut Faasch
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ISBN (Print)978-3-030-78940-4
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2021