Implementation of a Blended-Learning Course as Part of Faculty Development

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  • Daniel Tolks
  • Iwona Pelczar
  • Daniel Bauer
  • Thomas Brendel
  • Anja Görlitz
  • Julia Küfner
  • Angelika Simonsohn
  • Inga Hege
At the medical faculty at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich many E-Learning resources are available to students, but they are rarely implemented in a Blended-Learning scenario. To foster this, a Blended-Learning course following the Inverted Classroom (IC) model as part of the faculty development curriculum has been developed. An initial 10-day E-Learning phase was based on the following six modules: E-Learning and Blended-Learning basics, Learning Management Systems, Virtual Patients, educational videos, the IC model and other E-Learning methods. In the following half-day face-to-face workshop the course participants applied their knowledge to common teaching scenarios. The course was well accepted by the participants and will be further developed and continued as part of the faculty development curriculum.
ZeitschriftCreative Education
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2014