Green and Sustainable Chemistry Teacher Education: Experiences from a Brazilian University

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Green and sustainable chemistry education provides opportunities to comprehend and base chemistry knowledge on relevant social and historical contexts, reflecting on fairer and sustainable realities. For this purpose, this work discusses the possibilities and challenges observed during a chemistry teacher training course at a Brazilian university, analyzing how the undergraduates utilized the formative experiences provided by the discipline and how they reinterpreted them when developing didactic sequences based on socio-scientific issues. Using discursive textual analysis, we studied the self-assessments and the didactic sequences produced. The activities developed were positively evaluated by the students and provided the opportunity to create didactic sequences with potential application in schools, founded on cooperative and democratic dynamics and topics that were locally important. On the other hand, the students had some difficulties including chemistry content, mainly considering their relationship with the topics addressed. However, the process proved to be fundamental for the students to perceive themselves as teachers, in addition to provoking them toward (re)constructions and other possibilities.
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 21.07.2023