Expectations of Health Tourists in Germany - Illusions and Reality.

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Health tourism in Germany was once strongly supported by the social security system. Today, destinations of health tourism have to attract more than ever the privately paying guests. In a first step, the paper discusses general questions about modern health tourism. A special focus was taken on the development of Medical Wellness. With the help of a nationwide representative telephone survey, Germans were questioned about their interest in health holidays. In the second step, preferences to different offers and the satisfaction with these services were researched. In the case study, health tourists in destinations in ecklenburg-
Western Pomerania were questioned. A comparison between the two surveys reveals much difference between the mere interest in the offers and the actual use of them. The additional cluster analysis defined three main target groups: married middle-aged women, younger unmarried men and persons age 65 plus.
TitelHealth, Wellness and Tourism: healthy tourists, healthy business? Proceedings of the Travel and Tourism Research Association Europe 2010 Annual Conference
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VeranstaltungTravel and Tourism Research Association Europe 2010 : Health, Wellness and Tourism: healthy tourists, healthy business? - Budapest, Ungarn
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