Evaluating one-shot tournament predictions

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  • Claus Thorn Ekstrom
  • Hans Van Eetvelde
  • Christophe Ley
  • Ulf Brefeld
We introduce the Tournament Rank Probability Score (TRPS) as a measure to evaluate and compare pre-tournament predictions, where predictions of the full tournament results are required to be available before the tournament begins. The TRPS handles partial ranking of teams, gives credit to predictions that are only slightly wrong, and can be modified with weights to stress the importance of particular features of the tournament prediction. Thus, the Tournament Rank Prediction Score is more flexible than the commonly preferred log loss score for such tasks. In addition, we show how predictions from historic tournaments can be optimally combined into ensemble predictions in order to maximize the TRPS for a new tournament.
ZeitschriftJournal of Sports Analytics
Seiten (von - bis)37-46
Anzahl der Seiten10
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 05.04.2021